Monday, November 3, 2008

Real Change you can Count on!

I should have come out with this many days ago, but I was too caught up in my own life and the media frenzy of this "most important election of our lifetime" to really take the time to sit and write.

I will keep this simple and easy to read, since "we" re-elected Bush in 2004, I'm not holding my audiences capacity for comprehension very high.

I'm becoming very jaded by this nation's ability to function as a cohesive unified body. Factions, division, splits are happening day after day. Immigration, healthcare, marriage, taxes and "terrorism" have forced the United States of America into more of an "You Have Your Opinion, I Have Mine, and Mine is 100% Right Collection of People of America." So the real change we need isn't Barack Obama or John McCain.

To really create something worthwhile is to break up the Y.H.Y.O.I.H.M.M.100%.R.C.P.A. into two functioning countries.

Think of this, the two countries larger in population than ours, China and India, are not democracies. Why?

Because democracy only works within the structure of a smaller population. When opinions, money and "liberties" get compounded upon compounded with laws, rules and power struggle (and money), people get left out and stepped all over.

Gay marriage is a fundamental RIGHT. Abortion should be a choice. We should all be able to own guns. Yes?it seems like almost half of this country says NO. Guess what? Give them their own country then. Rule it with a democracy, but keep it small enough to function healthily. Some things would need to be compromised within each country of course. But less. because the individual would generally agree with much more of their country's politics.

The constitution was written when it only had to govern about 2.4 million people, NOT 305 million.

It would break down like this.

The Democratic States of America.

The Republic of North America.

I mean come on. If we're going to let stupid political parties divide this country, then why not go all out! SO there ya go. Obama, McCain, congratulations, you're both President.

Drown or Chew.

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  1. Why don't we just get back to states' rights and have a European Union type agreement? The hippies move to Vermont, the nutmeggers move to Connecticut, the old move to Florida... wait a minute... it has already happened!