Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama OMG! celebrity madness.

Why all the fuss?

What dog? What names? What bedroom colors? What code name (why is that published on the web??) What basketball games? What dogs name? WHAT WHAT WHAT!?!

Let's get real. Obama is the first "Celebrity" President. And I've been saying this for months, the new term for American Presidents here on out!


He is just a man. a man with a big job ahead, so let's back off the bullshit and get to the real issues. citizens losing civil rights in CA, a failing economy, the auto industry tanking... not what kind of friggin dog the Obama's will get.

We all have work to do. Yes WE can. So now, let's.

drown or chew.

Monday, November 10, 2008


You can help with feedback and suggestions to finalize the shirt design!


The major argument against the Right for gay people to marry, is that it violates the SANCTITY of marriage. Sanctity is a religious-implicated term used to describe things of high/holy regard.

However, straight male/female marriage has been falling apart for the past 25 years, and now DIVORCE rates are even higher than success rates.
So where is the SANCTITY in that?

We need to divorce ourselves from ancient terms like sanctity, and get to the real issues of NOW. giving back equal rights for equal people. That seemed to be Jesus's NUMBER ONE TEACHING.

Straight Marriage is not marriage, Marriage is Marriage.

The shirt shows the breakdown of SANCTITY through Divorce. And the 8 for Proposition 8 is broken showing the dysfunction of voting on Human Civil Rights.

does this shirt Drown or Chew?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Real Change you can Count on!

I should have come out with this many days ago, but I was too caught up in my own life and the media frenzy of this "most important election of our lifetime" to really take the time to sit and write.

I will keep this simple and easy to read, since "we" re-elected Bush in 2004, I'm not holding my audiences capacity for comprehension very high.

I'm becoming very jaded by this nation's ability to function as a cohesive unified body. Factions, division, splits are happening day after day. Immigration, healthcare, marriage, taxes and "terrorism" have forced the United States of America into more of an "You Have Your Opinion, I Have Mine, and Mine is 100% Right Collection of People of America." So the real change we need isn't Barack Obama or John McCain.

To really create something worthwhile is to break up the Y.H.Y.O.I.H.M.M.100%.R.C.P.A. into two functioning countries.

Think of this, the two countries larger in population than ours, China and India, are not democracies. Why?

Because democracy only works within the structure of a smaller population. When opinions, money and "liberties" get compounded upon compounded with laws, rules and power struggle (and money), people get left out and stepped all over.

Gay marriage is a fundamental RIGHT. Abortion should be a choice. We should all be able to own guns. Yes?it seems like almost half of this country says NO. Guess what? Give them their own country then. Rule it with a democracy, but keep it small enough to function healthily. Some things would need to be compromised within each country of course. But less. because the individual would generally agree with much more of their country's politics.

The constitution was written when it only had to govern about 2.4 million people, NOT 305 million.

It would break down like this.

The Democratic States of America.

The Republic of North America.

I mean come on. If we're going to let stupid political parties divide this country, then why not go all out! SO there ya go. Obama, McCain, congratulations, you're both President.

Drown or Chew.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I wanted to come up with something great, grand and spectacular. And I wanted to do it every time I sat to write my blogs. Why?

Because why would you read something that isn't amazing, fantastic and super interesting, insightful, powerful. Right.

I have in many ways become the embodiment of the antithesis of "now" culture. Things that don't one-up the last event, show or blog post. It's hard to get better for the sake of getting better and ultimately I know this will be the downfall of the train we've been on (as American culture).

These thoughts and feelings have brewed for almost a month as I waited patiently for solid gold ideas and inspirations to come to me, but alas nothing. And rather than sit in the restlessness I decided to make this post.

So, nothing spectacular...

Drown or Chew.

Bush said: "We must not let this happen"

(taken from my former Blog: September 24, 2008, after Bush's Address on the Financial Bailout Plan)

I'm not worried.

BUT, then again, I'm depressed.

I'm a little confused when I hear the economy is so stressed and the financial "geniuses" all over America are panic stricken. Why wasn't a better plan already in place for this obvious economic collapse.Oh, for those who don't know, that was President Bush's quote from tonight's primetime Economic Bailout plan address. It was as if he knew the whole thing was bullshit, but if he got on TV he could plead his case to the public. Try this number on for size, 872.6 Billion. That is the June, 2008 totals for the cost of the Iraq war (and some Afghanistan advances). I ditched my economics classes in college, BUT I still know, if you take over 850 billion dollars out of any market, free or manipulated, its going to suffer and suffer in a tremendous way. Bush didn't mention once the war spending and said not to blame the bullshit greedmongering mortage groups FreddieMac and FannieMae. Well who should we blame??

Back to my main point though. There wasn't a better plan in place because four years ago, in 2004, the American people re-elected G.W. Bush. So I think to myself, with the upcoming election approaching faster each day, why should we even let Americans vote anymore?We seem to be too ignorant, too egocentric and too blind to really put an earnest effort into electing the most effective leader. We keep getting it wrong. I wouldn't trust an American voter with my dirty laundry, it would probably come back with all the pockets ripped out.

Take this quote to heart... "We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; we know now that it is bad economics" (Franklin D. Roosevelt).Apparently, we should blame our History classes in our school system.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

*****Celebrident Alert******

With all the buzz around Barack Obama's run for the Democratic nominee, this guy is going to be a "Celebrity" President.



we'll see how many meaningless things about his personal life we can find out, shall we... ah, but I still LOVE him.
So I painted this painting and made it into this poster...

drown or chew.