Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I wanted to come up with something great, grand and spectacular. And I wanted to do it every time I sat to write my blogs. Why?

Because why would you read something that isn't amazing, fantastic and super interesting, insightful, powerful. Right.

I have in many ways become the embodiment of the antithesis of "now" culture. Things that don't one-up the last event, show or blog post. It's hard to get better for the sake of getting better and ultimately I know this will be the downfall of the train we've been on (as American culture).

These thoughts and feelings have brewed for almost a month as I waited patiently for solid gold ideas and inspirations to come to me, but alas nothing. And rather than sit in the restlessness I decided to make this post.

So, nothing spectacular...

Drown or Chew.

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